Our Founder

Alex, the founder of Aninsu

It's always good to know who is behind a brand. My name is Alexander Petrow. I studied literature, philosophy and history in Potsdam and Berlin and have been working in the start-up and e-commerce sectors for many years. I am an enthusiastic yoga beginner, love traveling and media of all kinds. Above all, I try to enjoy life to the fullest and my motto is: "Let's make memories!"

The story of Aninsu begins at the end of 2020 when I had an idea. After trying countless skin care products for many years and never finding the right ones for me and my complex skin, I thought to myself: why not just make them yourself? And not only that: Why not simply create an entire brand around our well-being, which at the same time also puts the well-being of our planet in the foreground?

I used the following months to further shape this idea with all my (life) experiences and my expertise in various areas. The founding finally took place in August 2021 and there was still a lot to do: Above all, the basic course for Aninsu as a brand had to be laid, while at the same time I developed our first product family, the Nirvana soap trio . It was clear from the start that the best products couldn't be anything less than sustainable and that required a lot of planning, preparation and of course I had to find partners who shared my values ​​and vision. And after many months of hard work, in March 2022 the time had come and our online shop saw the light of day.

Since then, I've been taking care of Aninsu's further development, new products and of course our growth so that we can reach as many people as possible and help them to bring their inner summer to life.

Learn more about Aninsu , our sustainability and how the UN Sustainable Development Goals play a role for us.