Self-care is the best gift

Why self-care is important

In a world that constantly challenges us, it can be difficult to find time for ourselves. Yet such moments are of great importance for our inner peace. When we take time for ourselves, we can relax, regenerate and recharge our batteries. We can connect with ourselves, better understand our needs and desires and get to know ourselves better. When we take care of and respect ourselves, we can also take better care of others and be more productive and effective in our daily lives.

  • Unsere Nirvana Körperseife: das perfekte Geschenk

    Our sustainable soaps: the perfect present

    In our hectic world of deadlines and commitments, we all too often forget ourselves. However, self-care is of great importance to our well-being and health. Our sustainable soaps offer a simple yet luxurious way to give yourself or others a gift that provides relaxation and rest. Below we take a closer look at why self-care is the best gift and how our soaps can contribute to this.

  • Nachhaltige Verpackung unserer Nirvana Körperseife

    Sustainability as a key factor

    Our vegan soaps are not only good for us, but also for the environment. We attach great importance to the fact that our products are made from natural and biodegradable ingredients and thus leave no harmful residues in nature. We do not use synthetic fragrances and dyes and instead rely on a natural fragrance composition. We also pay attention to sustainability when it comes to packaging and use cardboard, a recyclable material.

Schöne grüne Geschenkverpackung

Our soaps make great gifts

Our soaps are not only sustainable, but also a perfect gift for any occasion. Whether for a birthday, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day or simply as a gift in between - our Nirvana soap collection is a gift that ensures relaxation and recreation. The unisex fragrance inspired by Indian incense is a natural scent composition of citrus, fruity, floral and woody notes. Together, they create a pleasant atmosphere and help you forget the stress of everyday life. Our soaps are available in an attractive, recyclable packaging design and can also be purchased as a gift trio.

Anwendung der Nirvana-Seifen

How to use our soaps

Using our natural soaps is as easy as can be: simply moisten the soap with water and lather up. The fine, creamy foam cleanses gently and thoroughly and makes the skin feel pleasant. The natural ingredients care for the skin and give it a healthy appearance. Our soaps are suitable for daily face and body cleansing and are suitable for all skin types.

Unsere Nirvana Seifen als Abonnement

Give a soap subscription as a gift

With our soap subscription you have the opportunity to give an unforgettable gift. Give an annual subscription with natural soaps for every month or choose a flexible monthly subscription. Each soap is handmade with natural ingredients that provide gentle and thorough cleansing. With a soap subscription, you're not only giving the gift of high-quality, natural personal care products, but also a regular little treat for the recipient. We offer flexible fixed-term and unlimited subscription models for all single soaps and the soap trio.

Ritual: Waschen & Bürsten – Nirvana Gesichtsseife & Metanoia Trockenbürste

Give rituals as gifts

With our ritual sets, you can give the gift of high-quality natural soaps and a special personal care experience. The Ritual: Shower contains a body soap and a matching soap saver bag. The Ritual: Wash & Brush contains a facial soap and a dry brush for gentle dry brushing. These sets are not only gifts for the skin, but also for the soul special rituals that give relaxation and well-being.

Our Nirvana soaps

Self-care is the foundation for our well-being and health. By taking time to care for ourselves, we give ourselves and others the most precious gift: physical and mental relaxation. Our soaps are not just a simple personal care product, but can become an important part of any self-care routine. With their natural ingredients and the sensual experience of showering or washing, they help us to feel well cared for and at ease.

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