About Aninsu

A N   I N N E R   S U M M E R

Aninsu is well-being: sustainable products for care, rest and relaxation.

What we do
Corporate philosophy
Product philosophy

What we do

Our world is complex. Aninsu counters it with simplicity, a comprehensible philosophy, meaningful products, clear messages, a focus on the essentials and the attempt to plant a seed in every sustainably thinking mind from which a good conscience can grow.

Well-being is our credo in the broadest sense, from personal hygiene to meditation and nutrition to mental health: because none of these can function properly without the other factors. And all of these things are inextricably linked to sustainability. Without long-term sensible decisions there is no good conscience.

Our corporate philosophy

We believe that an unstoppable force lies dormant in each of us. To find it means to discover that everything simple is beautiful and everything beautiful is simple. Surrender to beauty and learn to love the world and yourself anew.

True love, but also happiness, originate exclusively in our innermost being: our perception, our thoughts and feelings. Take care of yourself, retreat, relax and regenerate and your unique power will be all yours.

We call this state inner summer.
It enables you to do good and to have the good conscience you deserve.

Sounds beautifully simple? It is. As well as simply beautiful.

Our product philosophy

We create feel-good products with ingredients and materials from sustainable sources. All of our products are made in Germany. Our natural cosmetics are also vegan. We have nothing against synthetic ingredients and plastic, but we prefer natural options and avoid unnecessary additives.

Our belief

Sustainability in every single decision is the only way to protect our planet and its inhabitants. We will only do well if our environment is doing well. We will find our inner summer.

Sustainability is not an alternative, sustainability is the future.

Our promise

We ensure a sustainable good conscience in everything we do.