Our story

Aninsu is a young start-up that, as a certified B Corp, is committed to three topics: the care of demanding skin, sustainability and well-being.

Alexander Petrow, Gründer von Aninsu

The original idea

My nirvana

At the age of 40, I have tried countless skincare products and so far no product, whether shower gel, shower oil or similar, has met the requirements of my very dry skin. It always tugged, itched and tightened after showering. So I thought to myself, enough is enough – if the cosmetics industry doesn't have anything suitable for me, I'll develop my own product, not based on supposed trends, margins and profits, but orientated towards the needs of my skin, my reality.

Alexander Petrov - founder of Aninsu

Nirvana Seifentrio von Aninsu: Verpackungen auf grünem Marmor liegend

Why Aninsu exists

Nirvana for everyone

This is how the Nirvana soap collection was born - to give me the extra quality of life that I have missed for so long. With turmeric and sea buckthorn and rich care oils.

The next step quickly became clear: what works great for me will also be good for others. So I founded Aninsu so that you too can cleanse and care for your skin better.

I also really wanted to share the scent of the soap, because so far everyone's reaction to this experience has been the same as mine: "Wow, I've never smelled anything like this before!" But more on that later.

Aninsu: a special company

I founded Aninsu as a contrast programme to the cosmetics industry. With a strong focus on sustainability in all dimensions and the well-being of our planet and all living beings.

For this reason, Aninsu is a certified B Corporation. This means that any profitability of my start-up must go hand in hand with responsible decisions. I have committed to this with this certification because it is the only right option.

Zwei gestapelte Seifen auf grünem Hintergrund

Nirvana: soap that cleanses body and mind

My dry skin has a conscience. That's why liquid products in plastic bottles are no longer an option. Industrially produced and synthetic soaps are full of dodgy things that I don't want on my skin, so it was clear: it had to be handmade natural soaps with a simple yet effective formula and adequate moisturising properties.

My dry skin is very thirsty. So I opted for very good care oils that are both moisturising and organic. In addition, no soap should be without turmeric and sea buckthorn and thus the best of Ayurveda and the local care tradition for everyday spa moments in combination with the unique Nirvana soap scent.

Indische Räucherstäbchen

A scent inspired by popular Indian incense sticks

Our soaps are refined with a fragrance composition consisting of various natural components. A combination of fruity, floral, woody and citrus notes that are perfectly harmonised.

Our fragrance is not only unique and soothing, it is also unisex and equally suitable for all genders. It is inspired by Indian incense sticks, which are known for their healing and calming properties.

Our Nirvana soaps

A unique fragrance experience

Our Nirvana soap collection offers a unique fragrance experience that cleanses and relaxes the body and mind. The combination of natural fragrances and sustainable ingredients makes our soaps a perfect choice for anyone who values ​​well-being and sustainability.

  • LGBT owned business


  • Born in Berlin


  • Made in Germany