Less is more

How our minimalist soap philosophy promotes well-being and sustainability

Every day, we are surrounded by an overabundance of products and information. No wonder that many of us indulge in concepts such as simplicity and minimalism. The trend towards minimalist lifestyles and consumer habits reflects the longing for a conscious and fulfilled life. When it comes to personal care there is an increasing emphasis on simple and natural products as well. Our soap collection follows this trend and embodies the motto less is more.

  • Minimalist soap making

    Our soaps are handmade. We rely on a few, selected ingredients that we carefully choose and combine. In doing so, we pay attention to sustainable and fair production of the raw materials. For example, we do not use palm oil, not even any that is supposedly produced in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way. Our soaps are free from synthetic fragrances, preservatives and other unnecessary additives.

  • Sanddorn für die Haut

    Natural skin care

    Less is more also applies to skin care. Overuse of products can stress and irritate the skin. Our minimalist soap philosophy offers natural and gentle care for the skin. The natural ingredients in our soaps have nourishing and moisturising properties. The skin is gently cleansed without drying out.

Umweltschutz und Nachhaltigkeit

Sustainability and environmental protection

Less is more also means less waste and less impact on the environment. Our soaps come without unnecessary plastic packaging and are therefore an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional care products. We focus on sustainable production and forward-looking use of raw materials to help protect the environment.

Qualität und Minimalismus

Quality and minimalism

Two key principles that guide us in the production of our soaps are quality and minimalism. We believe that high quality ingredients and minimalist design can bring out the best in our products and provide our customers with an unparalleled experience. By selecting the finest natural ingredients and avoiding unnecessary additives, our soaps are gentle and kind to the skin while providing the cleansing and moisturising properties it needs. Our minimalist packaging helps to minimise waste and focus on what's important: a high-quality, sustainable product that cares about the well-being of our customers.



Our soaps represent minimalist beauty while promoting well-being. By avoiding unnecessary additives and focusing on a handpicked selection of high-quality, natural ingredients, we create soaps that are not only environmentally friendly and sustainable, but also enhance the well-being of users. The minimalist design of our soaps and the natural fragrances help to turn the daily ritual of personal care into a sensual experience that soothes and relaxes the senses. At the same time, the high-quality ingredients can help to nourish and protect the skin, so that users can feel pampered with every use.

Our Nirvana soaps

Minimalism as a path to greater well-being and sustainability

Our minimalist soap philosophy embodies the less is more approach to natural personal care. The use of natural and fewer ingredients as well as sustainable and environmentally friendly production contribute to well-being and sustainability. A conscious and minimalist lifestyle can help us to focus on the essentials and live a fulfilled life. Our soaps are a simple and natural way to an improved skin appearance and an eco-friendly lifestyle.

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  • Born in Berlin


  • Made in Germany