Sustainable soap art

A piece of nature for the body and the environment

Soap making has always been an art form that not only contributes to personal hygiene, but also to well-being. However, our soaps are not only beneficial for the body, but also for the environment. Because sustainability plays an important role for us.

  • Sanddornfruchtfleischöl

    Natural ingredients for well-being

    Our soaps are made exclusively from natural ingredients. We rely on vegetable oils and fats such as coconut, olive or argan oil. Turmeric and sea buckthorn are also components of our Nirvana soaps. These natural ingredients ensure gentle and nourishing cleansing of the skin and contribute to well-being.

  • Kurkumaöl

    Avoiding unnecessary synthetics for the environment

    Natural ingredients are not only beneficial for the body, the environment also benefits from them. Because in the production of our soaps we do without unnecessary synthetic additives. As a result, we do not pollute the water or the air and make a contribution to protecting our environment.

Verpackung der Nirvana Gesichtsseife

Sustainable packaging

We also focus on sustainability when it comes to packaging. Our soaps are packaged in cardboard that comes from sustainably managed forests and is recyclable. We deliberately avoid plastic packaging to protect nature.

Deutschland auf der Weltkarte

Local manufacturing

To further relieve the environment, we produce our soaps in southwest Germany. This saves us transport routes and reduces CO2 emissions. We also strengthen the regional economy and promote local jobs.


Soap art for every taste

We are proud to offer soaps for different needs, from gentle facial soaps to moisturizing body soaps and intensively nourishing hand soaps. We make sure that all ingredients are safe for both the skin and the environment. The attractive design of our soaps rounds off the overall package and makes them an eye-catcher in every bathroom. We are sure that you will find a soap that meets your individual requirements and at the same time ensures a pleasant care experience.

Our sustainable Nirvana soaps

Soap making is an art form that not only contributes to well-being, but can also make an important contribution to environmental protection. With our natural and sustainably produced soaps, we offer an alternative to conventional products. We rely on regional production, natural ingredients and sustainable packaging - for a piece of nature for body and environment.

  • LGBT owned business


  • Born in Berlin


  • Made in Germany