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Metanoia Dry Brush

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Simply beautiful:

  • Sustainable dry brush for the face
  • With bio-based bristles
  • Perfect for regular face brushing
  • Made in Germany

Simply special:

You can experience a soothing facial massage every day. Intended for the so-called dry brushing, our Metanoia facial brush helps you to remove dead skin cells, stimulates facial blood circulation and also provides you with a radiant glow.

The special feature: for our brush we use bio-based bristles instead of the so-called natural bristles, because the latter are usually of animal origin. Our brush is therefore cruelty free. And there is also a practical cord for hanging up your new daily companion.

Of course, our dry brush goes perfectly with our Nirvana Facial Soap . This dream duo is also available as a set .

This is how luck goes in brush form.
Perfect for yourself and as a gift.

How to use:

Areas: neck, jawline, cheeks, nose, eye area, forehead
Brush gently on desired areas. Injured, irritated or sensitive areas should be avoided. A slight reddening of the face after use is normal.


The brush is intended for dry brushing only.

Each of our brushes is manually inspected and boxed to ensure the best possible quality.

Color, structure and other differences within a type of wood are part of the natural properties of this natural product and do not represent a quality defect or reason for complaint. Each of our brushes is unique.

Care instructions: tap the brush regularly to remove skin particles. Clean with mild soap if heavily soiled. Dry the brush with the bristles down. Avoid heat sources such as heaters.


Brush: beech wood from sustainably managed forests
Bristles: boar bristle imitation, bio-based, vegan & antistatic
Cord: cotton

Dimensions without cord: approx. 132x45x29 mm
Dimensions with cord: approx. 225x45x29 mm


Metanoia Trockenbürste Qualität


✔ Beech wood from Switzerland
✔ Wood bears the FSC® trademark, which identifies wood products that come from responsibly managed forests or plantations - certified according to the strict guidelines of the Forest Stewardship Council®
✔ bio-based bristles (based on castor oil)
✔ vegan, antistatic boar bristle imitation (cruelty free)
✔ Cord made from 100% cotton

Metanoia Trockenbürste Produktion


✔ Manufactured in a family business that has existed for five generations in south-west Germany
✔ Manufactory is certified for the introduction of the European environmental management system EMAS (Eco-Management and Audit Scheme)
✔ Production is operated exclusively with locally produced green electricity, with 60% of the energy requirement being covered by the company's own photovoltaic system
✔ Heat requirements (wood drying, heating) are 100% renewable with the wood chips occurring during production

Metanoia Trockenbürste Verpackung


✔ Cardboard packaging, plastic-free and biodegradable
✔ Cardboard from Sweden made from wood from certified sustainably managed forests
✔ Our paper manufacturer's production facilities are FSC® Chain of Custody and PEFC™ certified
✔ No animal testing is carried out on our cardboard or our printing inks (cruelty free)
✔ Printing inks are vegetable oil based, vegan and meet the color eco criteria, making them more environmentally friendly than other inks

Metanoia Trockenbürste Rohstoffe Karte

Origin of our raw materials

We focus on Europe when sourcing all of our ingredients and materials.


An inner change of mind, a fundamental change in one's own thinking, a fundamental reorientation: this is what Metanoia means to us. We chose this term as the category name for our care accessories because it perfectly represents what it stands for: sustainable materials and raw materials as well as fair, sensible production. Metanoia is our antithesis to short-sighted consumption.

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