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Dry brushing aka dry brushing

For some time now one has heard and read about dry brushing. What sounds like a new trend is not one at all: already in Ayurveda, but also in the ancient Egyptians, various forms of dry brushing and dry massages are known, e.g. B. the Ayurvedic Garshana. So the phenomenon is not new, but it is good that it is receiving more attention. But why actually?

Advantages of dry brushing

First of all, it's always a good idea to take care of your skin. Of course, this can be much more than just applying lotion. Aside from washing, ordinary peelings and the other usual suspects of care options, there are of course all forms of massage. Dry brushing specific areas of skin is one of them. And of course dry brushing also offers all the advantages of a massage, from relaxation to stress relief, e.g. e.g.:

  • Brushing can help gently remove dead skin cells. This serves to make the skin feel softer and of course also supports the skin renewal process and thus also cell renewal. This type of care can also help prevent ingrown hairs.
  • Muscles and tissues are stimulated by brushing. The even movements stimulate blood circulation. This supports smoother and more radiant skin.
  • The lymphatic system beneath our skin's surface can also benefit from dry brushing. Daily dry brushing can stimulate all those vessels, glands and nodes, aiding the body's natural detoxification process and improving its immune functions, which can ultimately lead to a healthier and more radiant complexion.
  • Of course, all these topics also help to achieve more skin purity. Stimulating tissue, the lymphatic system, and unclogging pores can help minimize the appearance of blackheads, inflammation, and pimples.

How to ... dry brushing

The daily use itself is child's play, all you need is a good brush and you're good to go. Simply brush your neck, jawline, cheeks, nose, eye area and forehead evenly and gently. Injured, irritated or sensitive areas should be avoided. A slight reddening of the face after use is normal.

Application Metanoia dry brush

Our Metanoia Dry Brush

We love dry brushing, but we also realize that it's really difficult to find a decent brush that is truly sustainable. Two of the main reasons are, on the one hand, brush bodies made of plastic and, on the other hand, natural bristles, which sounds likeable at first. Well, that will also be the reason why companies like to use this term so much. In fact, animal bristles are hidden behind natural bristles, e.g. B. from wild boar. And suddenly that term isn't that great anymore... So we thought we'd make a better, more sustainable brush. And this should not only concern the origin of the materials.

We were able to win a family business that has existed for five generations as a partner for the production of our popular Metanoia dry brushes . It is certified for the introduced European environmental management system EMAS (Eco-Management and Audit Scheme). The production is operated exclusively with locally produced green electricity, with 60% of the energy requirement being covered by the company's own photovoltaic system. The heat requirement (wood drying, heating) is 100% renewable with the wood chips occurring during production.

Many important process steps for quality assurance are carried out manually, e.g. B. shearing off the bristles. Every single brush is manually inspected and packed to ensure the best possible quality.

Metanoia dry brush with Nirvana facial soap

The cord is made of pure cotton and our beech wood comes from Switzerland and bears the FSC® trademark, which distinguishes wood products that come from responsibly managed forests or plantations - certified according to the strict guidelines of the Forest Stewardship Council®.

And finally the best: our bristles are imitation wild boar bristles. The material is bio-based, it is mostly made from castor oil. This means that these are not so-called natural bristles and are therefore cruelty free.


Dry brushing, a proven skin care method, is uncomplicated and can contribute to daily well-being. In order to enjoy all the benefits with a clear conscience, a sustainable brush should be used. We recommend our Metanoia Dry Brush and wish you pleasant brushing!

PS: Would you like to learn more about what Metanoia means? We'll tell you here .

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