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What is Metanoia?

A few weeks ago we introduced our Metanoia Dry Brush. And surely the question arose: what does metanoia mean?

This term comes from the Greek language and means something like a change of mind. In philosophy, metanoia means a fundamental change in one's attitude towards life. That means it's about more than just a change of mind, more about a moment in life in which you make a rigorous turn in your own thinking, in your own world view.

In our context, metanoia stands for the realization that sustainability is not an alternative or even just one of several options. Sustainability is the only future in which humanity will not destroy itself through its own actions. That sounds dramatic and perhaps a little pathetic. However, if we look at the last 200 years, with ruthless, widespread industrialization, mankind has embarked on a path that one can also call death by installments with a clear conscience.

Don't get it wrong: we don't just take the history of the industrial revolution for granted, we find it fundamentally good and important for our civilization. However, we as humanity have failed to recognize earlier that there are also disadvantages that we could offset and thus also catalyze our own progress. Our metanoia is the realization that while there may once have been an "either or" when it came to sustainability, we are now at a point where we don't have that choice if we are to ensure that our children, grandchildren and... all subsequent generations do not suffer from the consequences of our actions or even perish.

Of course, that's one of an infinite number of situational interpretations that metanoia can have. Perhaps your personal metanoia is similar or something completely different. Either way, it's something that completely transforms your thinking, your attitudes, and ultimately your whole life. And that's a good thing. This is how progress feels, this is how knowledge feels.

You're always smarter afterwards. However, "after" is now . That means we must now face our metanoia together and act smarter than we have done in the past. We wish you and us good luck!

PS: And in relation to our products? We chose this term as the category name for our care accessories because it perfectly represents what it stands for: sustainable materials and raw materials as well as fair, sensible production. Metanoia is the decision for better products and our antithesis to short-sighted consumption.

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