Das war unser Earth Month 2023

Our Earth Month 2023

Every year on 22 April is Earth Day, a good time to remember that we need to protect our planet. This year we have come up with something special: to show that a sustainable lifestyle can be realised in all possible areas of everyday life, we have teamed up with 30 other future-oriented partner brands and presented one company and its products every day on Instagram in the form of a competition. However, since not all of you are on Instagram, we would like to take this opportunity to introduce our partners to you.


Logo of Vaxtuch


Vaxtuch - the vegan wax cloth. After beeswax cloths are slowly helping more and more households to avoid plastic waste and food waste, Vaxtuch lets the bees keep their wax. Friends of the vegan & ethical lifestyle can now also enjoy all the benefits of the sustainable film.


Logo of Blue Farm

Blue Farm

Blue Farm are the blue farmers from Berlin. They develop purely plant-based oat drinks & lattes that are simply mega delicious and completely without additives. Not only are they totally practical, but they also have as little impact on our environment as possible.


Logo of OYESS


OYESS was founded in 2020 in beautiful Hamburg. The company's vision is to create innovative products with heart, vision and idealism that are both good for the consumer and the planet. OYESS combines maximum sustainability in all areas of product design and production with a stylish and modern design. The company realises a maximum of recycled materials. Furthermore, OYESS attaches great importance to a very high quality "made in Germany" and consciously pays attention to short supply chains.


Logo of nutri+


With vegan supplements and vegan sports nutrition, nutri+ introduces athletes as well as the masses to the vegan fitness lifestyle and inspires them for a plant-based lifestyle. The high-quality products, developed by a team of nutritionists, are subject to the strictest quality standards (IFS and GMP) and are produced in Germany.


Logo of bluu


bluu stands for water, purity and our blue planet. The company develops simple solutions that make everyday life easier and do good for the planet. The topic of water is particularly close to the start-up's heart, which is why it has been donating 1% of its turnover to the "Viva con Agua" foundation, which supports water projects, out of conviction since day one.
The core product of bluu: biodegradable washing strips: the new generation of environmentally friendly detergents! The washing strips contain neither microplastics nor preservatives and their packaging is recyclable. They are available with the fragrance "Alpenfrische", but also without fragrance and they dissolve completely during washing without foaming. Sustainable and practical washing - without compromise!


Hutch & Putch logo


hutch&putch are fairly produced muslin products for you, your family and your home. The label stands for responsibility, competence, tolerance, originality and proximity. It is crucial for the team to assume ecological and social responsibility and to make a significant contribution to society. It also combines genuine expertise with quality and functionality to create fashionable and unique designs.


Logo of BELEAF


BELEAF is THE online shop for accessories made from sustainable leather alternatives. The mission of the young company is to ban animals from the supply chains of the fashion industry and to sensitise people to sustainable alternatives. Besides fashion accessories made from leaf and cactus leather, BELEAF also offers a sustainable and solar-powered watch collection.




The DATTELBÄR stands for the best organic dates under the sun. It sees the world holistically and therefore places particular value on sustainability and on living and farming in harmony with nature. For DATTELBÄR, 100% natural therefore also means that he stocks individual degrees of ripeness of the fruit, as well as different shapes, sizes and colours. He loves and appreciates each individual fruit and therefore offers different quality levels in his fine date assortment.


Logo of unicorn


The young company einhorn from Berlin produces sustainable period products and condoms from regenerative agriculture. Feminism, sustainability and fairness play a big role at einhorn. At least 50% of the profits go to social and sustainable projects. Every time a einhorn disposable period product whizzes across the checkout line, 50% of the profits go to the Femfund! einhorn sees itself as part of a movement for a sustainable lifestyle with a sense of justice, education at eye level and a lot of fun with design and aesthetics.


Logo of Kombuchery


From hmmm to mmmh in one sip! Kombucha has been appreciated for thousands of years as a naturally fermented tea drink - also for its refreshing taste. In small bottlings, Kombuchery brings you living cultures and nutrients together with organic tea and fruit in bottles. The sparkling alternative to lemonade that quenches your thirst naturally.


Dentafari logo


Dentafari works with the body, not against it. Their mission is to overcome insecurity and show how easy oral care can be with the right products. They develop effective products with safer ingredients that have a positive impact on preventive health, such as their tooth powders with natural minerals, valuable active ingredients and extracts to restore the balance of healthy oral flora.


Logo by kruut


kruut wants to bring powerful wild herbs back into our modern everyday life. All recipes are based on the millennia-old knowledge of herbal medicine. For natural rituals and wild enjoyment. In doing so, kruut stands for a step back to nutrient-rich nature and the knowledge of how to use it. Produced with values that are often neglected today: time & dedication.
Even the ancient Greeks drank oxymel. kruut repackages this ancient knowledge and makes it easy to use. So that the traditional recipes of our grandparents are not forgotten. The power of herbal medicine back in our lives.


Game heads logo


Spielköpfe are changing the game world! They question images and the ideas they produce in our heads. They change what we see every day in order to drive change towards a more just and equal world and to initiate processes of change. It is particularly important to them to make these issues accessible to everyone - for example, through their playing cards. These are designed by different artists and are gender-responsive, diverse and sustainable.


Papero logo


PAPERO, these are sustainable bags with a beautiful look, vegan and made from robust, washable kraft paper. The company is obsessed with designing new and durable everyday favourites with renewable raw materials together with their customers. With their products, they want to encourage people to question their own consumer behaviour and values in order to work hand in hand to make the world a better place. For every PAPERO bag sold, they donate a portion to a non-profit organisation for a reforestation project. It's time for the green rebellion!




The people at WERKHAUS are ecologically convinced with a social vein. The environment, climate protection and good cooperation within the company are close to their hearts. Since they developed the plug-in system 30 years ago, they have been plugging everything together - from home and office accessories and furniture to merchandise displays and the huts in their holiday camp destinature Dorf, which opens in 2019. They are constantly innovating and inspired by sustainable collaborations. Everything they make, they produce in their own factory in Lüneburger Heide. Their products are 100% made in Germany!


Logo of A Good Plan

Ein guter Plan

Ein guter Plan: Launched in 2015 with the most successful German crowdfunding campaign to date, Ein guter Plan is now Germany's most popular brand of mindfulness calendars and journals. The iconic design and ecological production has won numerous awards.


Oceankind logo.


Oceankind. wants to rid the beaches and oceans of as much plastic as possible in the next few years. The young start-up wants to encourage people to change their lifestyle and integrate sustainability into their everyday lives. Especially for the youngest ones, they want to show them the first steps on the way to a cleaner environment and give them the opportunity to actively contribute to saving our planet by buying new, ecologically safe products. For example, with their sustainable pencil cases made from recycled marine plastic.


Baetter Baking logo

Bætter Baking

Bætter Baking are shaking up the baking shelves! The two founders Lara and Benedict have made it their mission to bring more naturalness to the supermarket shelves. They want to share their enthusiasm for healthy eating with as many people as possible: As many plant-based ingredients as possible for their own health and our environment. This makes baking mixes fun and meaningful!




BIOTANICALS are nutrition experts and scientists, plant lovers, athletes and environmentalists. They love being active in nature and feeling fit and balanced. Their passion for nutrition, sport and nature gave birth to the company, which is based in the beautiful Hanseatic city of Hamburg. It produces the most effective and sustainable supplements: purely natural, plant-based ingredients completely without additives. The product cans are compostable, plastic-free and the company offsets all unavoidable emissions through its commitment to climate protection.


Socks For Plants logo

Socks For Plants

After an unsuccessful search for high quality socks that are also sustainable, the impulse has been ignited to be the solution to the problem themselves. A concept was developed on how to bring socks to the market in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way. And so Socks For Plants was born - the greenest sock in the world, because the best is yet to come: a tree is planted for every pair of socks sold.


Oceanmata logo


Oceanmata are the first sustainable mobile phone cases that produce less waste than they leave behind. The team is pursuing the vision of completely ridding the world's oceans of plastic by 2050. At the same time, they want to prevent further plastic waste through their products, sustainable production and plastic-free shipping. For every product sold, the team in Bali collects 1 kg of ocean plastic. At the same time, they do not put any plastic into circulation themselves, because the mobile phone cases are biodegradable and consist of natural materials (not the plastic collected by the team).


Climate meadow logo


Klimawiese is committed to climate protection and the preservation of biodiversity. Here in Germany, the young company transforms fallow land into orchards and thus protects the environment. You can help by taking on sponsorships for meadow orchards and thus committing yourself to the climate and nature.


Logo of innocent


Small drinks, big dreams: innocent was founded in 1999 with the dream of making it easier for people to do something good for themselves. And this dream quickly turned into big ambitions to make this world a better, healthier place for all of us. That's why the company has committed to being CO2 neutral by 2025, donates 10% of its profits to charity and makes sure its drinks are brimming with good, natural things.


simply love it logo

simply love it

simply love it is fair fashion for women: Comfortable and timeless favourite pieces to feel good about, which can be integrated into any existing wardrobe and which you can enjoy for a long time thanks to their excellent quality. Founder Jule from Berlin pays special attention to natural materials and fair working conditions during production - out of love for people and the environment.


Logo of KoJaKe


KoJaKe is master pastry chef Jan Ketel. In 2019, he opened Germany's first purely plant-based master confectionery and patisserie in Berlin Karlshorst. In his small pastry shop, everyone can see that it's not magic to bake purely plant-based. In addition to contract work, delivery service and markets, the finest confectionery is offered in a small boutique. The aim is to introduce everyone to purely plant-based cakes, pies and desserts in a lovely way. KoJaKe is also home to the vegan organic chocolate bars EDKA (peanut caramel), HARI (hazelnut nougat) and KARI (caramel).


Logo by maesh


The maesh bags are handmade, fair and sustainable one-offs and are made of 90% upcycled materials and are produced in Hanover in a resource-saving way. And maesh is even more than a bag label that wants to change the fast fashion industry, because the focus of the company is to create jobs for talented women who have a migration or flight story. maesh is a product of this labour philosophy and is not profit-oriented. All income flows into the maintenance and expansion of the company and makes a sustainable contribution to the common good and to strengthening Hanover as a production location.


EcoTree logo


EcoTree is a European forestry company that implements local biodiversity and mixed forest projects. Thanks to innovative models, it is aimed at all those who want to promote effective and local environmental protection.


logo of change.


By women, for everyone: change. This brand creates products with the aim of making people feel connected, creative, beautiful, empowered and sophisticated. The wearers of their unique pieces set a sign of self-love and encouragement for other people. The team builds on long-lasting designs and emphasises controlled, climate-neutral production. While the company wants to bring about a DECLARATION in the fashion industry, it also works with the community and partner organisations to DECLARATE the implementation of women's rights.


Logo of be tanics

be tanics

be tanics wants to make the positive influence of nature accessible to everyone with its natural food supplements. The products are completely climate neutral, organic and the packaging can be disposed of in waste paper. And for every product sold, they take 1 kg of plastic out of the ocean.


Logo of STRAYZ


After some research and heartbreak over the shockingly high stray numbers, Madeline, Stefi & Saskia came up with the idea of the social pet food brand STRAYZ at the end of 2020 and quit their jobs to put their big mission into action. They improve the lives of strays by selling their great products, which not only donate meals to animals in need, but also fund medical treatments and neutering for poor four-legged friends.

Read more about Earth Day 2022 and the announcement of Earth Month 2023 here.

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