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The perfect soap pouch

You haven't switched to solid shower soap yet because you use a sponge to lather? Or because you think small soap scums should be thrown away because they are too small to use? Or do you even think that solid body soaps don't lather enough? There is a solution for all these points!

What is a soap saver bag?

A soap pouch is, as the name suggests, a small container that you use, for example, for shower soap. It's small, useful and incredibly practical.

Benefits of the soap saver bag

There are countless reasons that speak for a soap bag. Here is a selection:
✔ Perfect replacement for sponge users
✔ reusable and therefore very durable
✔ Helps to lather the soap faster and more effectively
✔ the soap can hang and dry optimally
✔ Great for using up leftover soap
✔ helps reduce soap consumption

Attention: it depends on the material!

There are different materials that are used for soap bags. We clearly advise against plastic nets, there are simply better alternatives.

There are bags made of sisal and we also advise against these, as they are usually produced in Asia and their CO2 footprint is therefore quite difficult, not to mention the generally non-transparent production conditions. (There is also sisal from Spain and Portugal, but we haven't come across any soap bags from the region.)

There are also bags made of linen and linen blends, e.g. B. with cotton. Here you should also pay attention to the origin of the material and, if it is not transparent, you should rather use another.

What we also find difficult about sisal and linen or linen blends is that these fabrics are quite rough. For this reason, the corresponding bags are often advertised in such a way that a certain peeling effect is emphasized. Anyone in the know knows that you should only treat yourself to peelings every few weeks, because despite all the good they do, they do not burden and stress the skin and the skin barrier insignificantly. For this reason, we think that bags made of the above-mentioned materials are not suitable for frequent, especially everyday use.

For this reason, we only recommend soap bags made of pure cotton. It does not scratch and is just as efficient as the other substances mentioned. Admittedly, we had a lot of trouble finding such a product, so we developed it ourselves.

Our Metanoia Soap Saver Bag

In addition to all the mentioned advantages of these little lucky bags, our Metanoia Soap Saver Bag can score even more in terms of sustainability:
✔ Handmade in beautiful East Germany
✔ Made from the finest muslin, a soft cotton fabric
✔ Organic cotton primarily from a fair cultivation project in Uganda
✔ vegan cords from Turkey
✔ the inner label and the printing ink used are vegan

Incidentally, our soap bag goes perfectly with the Nirvana Body Soap. Both are also available as a beneficial ritual in a set .

Do you want to know more? Then have a look here: all information about the sustainability of our soap bag and an explanation of the term Metanoia .

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