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Transform your four walls into a home spa

A spa experience without having to go anywhere? Always possible in your own four walls! It just takes a little preparation with the things that are good for you and you're good to go.

The preparation

What would you like to enjoy on your spa day? Make sure you have the appropriate products ready to use when you need them. Are you lacking ideas? We have put together all sorts of options for you:

  • candles
  • plants / flowers
  • foam bath
  • face mask
  • dry brushing
  • hair washing
  • body scrub
  • foot peeling
  • care shower
  • lotion
  • lip scrub
  • ultra-red light treatment
  • (afternoon) nap
  • books and magazines
  • favorite movie and/or show

Also, make sure to choose a good time. You should be sure that you will not be disturbed so that you can have a good rest. You can also turn off the phone or at least put it on silent, without a vibrating alarm, of course.

The perfect environment

Of course, the place where you experience your personal spa moments is also important. While you're mostly alone in the bathroom, that doesn't necessarily have to be the case in the bedroom or even the living room. In this respect, make sure that you can be for yourself. There shouldn't be a lack of comfortable seating and lying areas either: whether it's your freshly made bed, the beautiful sofa or your favorite armchair is entirely up to you, the main thing is that you can switch off.

Here we go

Enough of the preparations: off to your personal spa. Let us know how it was and if you have any tips that we haven't mentioned here.

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