Our Prices

Our products are quite expensive and we want you to make an informed choice when choosing a unique Aninsu item. So that you can better understand that the prices for our range of quality are very fair, we give you an insight into our work here.

Alex, der Gründer von Aninsu

First of all: hello!

My name is Alex. I founded Aninsu because I believe that it is better to consciously choose a very good, sustainable product instead of making compromises that ultimately end up costing you and the environment.

This is how our prices are composed

Produktion & Logistik

The majority of the prices consist of the proportional costs of the ingredients, the individual production steps, but also logistical items from proper storage to climate-friendly shipping.

Weiterentwicklung & Fixkosten

The smaller part consists of recurring fixed costs that we have to cover from what we generate, as well as investments, e.g. B. in the further development of Aninsu, but also advertising, so that wonderful people like you become aware of us.

More backgrounds

Raw materials, electricity etc.

Of course, we use all kinds of resources for all our products: oils, wood, paper and cotton, but of course also electricity and heat. The effects of the crisis on electricity etc. affect us less, since we produce mostly with renewable energy. What does not leave us unaffected, however, are the sometimes exploding raw material prices. So far we are refusing to pass on the increases because we have hopes that prices will go down a bit again.

On the contrary, our goal is to lower our prices over time. This is possible when there are more and more people who buy our products and thus give us the opportunity to buy more raw materials and produce larger quantities of products.

Many Thanks

Aninsu products are unique and receive an enormously positive response. We try to take every opportunity to say thank you and we appreciate your continued support to keep Aninsu and our vision of a more sustainable world alive.