Wohliges Körpergefühl dank fester Dusche

Pleasant body feeling thanks to the fixed shower

We have already reported on the advantages of solid care products in relation to hand soaps and face soaps. To sum it up: more sustainable, more environmentally friendly, more natural, more productive and more practical than the liquid alternatives. This is great and makes your hands, face and whole body feel good. It also gives you a good or at least better conscience about how you live your life. And that's an important point.

You often hear: "Do good and talk about it." Even if we are convinced that it is not always necessary to talk about it, there is no way around doing good. After all, the alternatives would be the opposite or pure apathy: good deeds are not only a blessing for the addressee, but also for each "perpetrator" himself. A phrase that goes in this direction is: "You can only love others if you love yourself." This can also be expressed differently: "You can only do others good if you do something good for yourself."

This is more than just an end in itself. Whether we see it and want it or not, we live in symbiosis within our society and our civilization. If you do something good in one place, it radiates. Of course, this also means that if you are good to yourself, this will automatically be passed on to others. So the pleasant body feeling is not just something external that "only" takes place on the skin. No, it also radiates into you and beyond you.

A shower is cleaning and care, but also relaxation and basically a moment of stillness, rest, contemplation and self-reflection. With the right (fixed) care products and careful, economical water consumption, every shower also contributes to a clear conscience. Be aware of this, because this doesn't just apply to showering: You can approach each of your activities consciously, mindfully and sustainably in a positive way and this has an effect on your well-being. So let's declare war on the heedless, thoughtless, mechanical hustle and bustle in our lives and savor every second so that our pleasant body feeling is preserved.

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