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What are soap bubbles?

Soap bubbles are a fleeting but fascinating phenomenon that has enthralled us since childhood. They are bubbles surrounded by a thin layer of soapy water that shimmer in different colours. But what is actually behind this simple pleasure?

The chemistry behind soap bubbles

Soap bubbles are created when soapy water and air meet. The suds consist of soap, water and sometimes sugar or glycerine. These ingredients help to create a thin layer of soapy water that expands on the surface of air bubbles, eventually forming a complete soap bubble. The colours of the bubbles are created by the effect of interference, where light is refracted and reflected through the thin bubble wall.

Soap bubbles & well-being

Looking at bubbles can be a calming and meditative experience that can help us relieve stress and quiet our minds. By focusing on the fleeting beauty, we can enjoy the moment and detach from our worries. Of course, we can also let our inner child out, as it is often beside itself with joy at the sight and chase and bursting of the soapy bubbles.

Sustainability in the production of soap bubbles

There are several ways to make soap bubbles more environmentally friendly. For example, you can make the soap suds yourself and look for sustainable ingredients. Also, keep an eye on making sure that the utensils used, such as bubble rings, are made from recyclable material and are preferably reusable.


All in all, bubbles are a simple yet fascinating way to enhance well-being and enjoy a sustainable leisure activity. Whether used as a children's toy or as a meditation exercise for adults, there is something magical about bubbles and they remind us to appreciate the beauty and fleetingness of the moment.

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