Eine Seifenblase im Freien

What can you learn from soap bubbles?

Soap bubbles have inspired people of all ages for centuries and are often seen as a symbol of joy and lightness. But can we also learn something from them that can help us lead a more sustainable and happier life?

A look at how bubbles are created

Soap bubbles are created when a liquid soap solution is blown through a bubble ring or bubble pipe. The alkali in the soap solution lowers the surface tension of the water and allows a wafer-thin layer to form that is filled with air. The pressure difference between the inner and outer surface of the bubble keeps it stable until it finally bursts.

Lightness and flexibility

Soap bubbles are light and flexible and vary in shape and size. Our lives, too, can often be lighter and more flexible if we do not cling to rigid structures and habits, but can adapt and cope with change.

Sustainability and well-being

Bubbles are made of water, soap and air - all natural and renewable resources. We can learn from soap bubbles the importance of using sustainable materials and using resources wisely. They can also remind us of the importance of bringing joy and fun into our lives to enhance our well-being.

Enjoying life

Bubbles are ephemeral and only last for a short time. We can learn from them to enjoy life and appreciate the moment. By taking time to enjoy small pleasures and celebrate life, we can improve our wellbeing and live a more sustainable life.


Bubbles are more than just a children's toy - they can teach us important lessons about sustainability, wellbeing and life in general. By reminding ourselves how easy and flexible we can be, how important it is to make sustainable choices and enjoy life, we can live a fuller and happier life.

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