Kambô: Riesenmakifrosch

What is kambô?

Kambô, also known as sapo or monkey frog, is a traditional indigenous healing substance extracted from the mucus or skin secretion of giant macaque frogs and originates from the Amazon regions of South America. It has gained popularity in other parts of the world in recent years. Kambô is often referred to as "tree frog medicine" and is said to offer various health benefits.

Kambo and well-being

Kambô is often touted as a method to increase general well-being. It is believed to have a cleansing and detoxifying effect on the body. By stimulating the lymphatic system and ridding the body of toxins, kambô can bring about an improvement in energy flow, vitality and mental well-being. Some users report heightened awareness, increased clarity and heightened mental strength after a kambô ceremony. It is also claimed that kambô has a positive effect on the immune system and promotes general health. However, there is no medical evidence for these effects.

Traditional use of kambô

Kambô has been used for centuries by indigenous peoples of the Amazon in their healing rituals. It is believed that kambô promotes physical and spiritual purification and establishes a close connection to nature and spiritual dimensions. In traditional applications, kambô is applied to the skin after making tiny burns to facilitate the absorption of the substance. The associated rituals and ceremonies have an important meaning for the holistic aspect of the treatment.

Pros and cons of kambo

It is important to note that kambô is not for everyone, as it can cause severe physical reactions and carry certain risks. Potential, expected benefits include anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effects, immune system support and mental clarity enhancement. However, kambô can also cause nausea, vomiting, dizziness and other temporary physical discomfort. It is advisable to use kambô under the supervision of an experienced and qualified practitioner and to have a thorough examination and explanation of possible risks beforehand. And as always with alternative healing methods, it also makes sense to check with your GP. It is important to note at this point that there is no scientific evidence of the substance's medical effect on humans. Therefore, one should be very careful with promises of healing and the like and understand that, as with all alternative healing practices, the effect can be very individual.

The importance of correct use

Due to the increasing popularity of kambô, it is important that potential users use the substance responsibly and with appropriate caution. It is advisable to consult experienced and well-trained kambô practitioners to ensure that it is used correctly and safely. A thorough examination of one's health and possible contraindications is also crucial. It is important to note that kambô is not a miracle cure and may not be suitable for everyone. Each person reacts differently to the substance and therefore it is advisable to consider individual needs and limitations.

Kambô and animal welfare

Although kambô is considered by some people to be a valuable tool for well-being, there are also critical aspects, especially with regard to animal welfare. The extraction of kambô is morally enormously questionable and can in any case be described as animal cruelty: the frog is fixed by its legs between four supports so that it cannot escape. Targeted stimuli on its toes encourage it to release the secretion. This is then carefully scraped off its back with wooden sticks. After the secretion is extracted, the frog is released back into the wild. This process is stressful and potentially hugely damaging to the frogs and many can be expected not to survive it or to die from the long-term effects.


Kambô is a phenomenon that is said to offer potential benefits for well-being, although these are not medically proven. The traditional use of kambô has deep spiritual and cultural roots and requires respect and understanding for the indigenous communities from which it originates. Animal welfare cannot be allowed to fall by the wayside on this issue, as it is an animal substance and its extraction is hugely questionable. If you are interested in this healing ritual, it is important to inform yourself thoroughly, seek the right support and handle the substance responsibly. Ultimately, the decision to try Kambô should be made in consultation with qualified professionals and in consideration of one's own health.

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