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What is a clean up day?

A clean up day is an event where volunteers get together to clear public places of litter. These events are usually organised and take place in parks, on beaches and other public places. Of course, you can also do it privately.

A clean up day has a lot to do with well-being, as such an action has a positive effect on the environment and thus also on our health. By removing litter from public spaces, we reduce pollution and damage to our planet, which in turn leads to a healthier habitat for us and wildlife.

Another benefit of clean up days is that it fosters community spirit and cooperation. Working with other volunteers towards a goal creates a sense of belonging and can trigger positive emotions and feelings of happiness.

Here's what's important to keep in mind about a clean up day. An event can be logistically challenging and may require cooperation with local authorities and organisations, especially in protected areas where you risk disturbing wildlife and plants living there. In addition, it can also be physically demanding to collect and dispose of the rubbish.

Overall, a clean up day is a great way to help the environment and promote community wellbeing. By taking care of our living spaces, we also take care of ourselves and can develop a sense of satisfaction and pride in our collective efforts.

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