Frau, die ihre Hände auf die Stelle zwischen Brust und Hals legt

In love with yourself

Valentine's Day is coming up again soon and while many couples are preparing for it, it's a good opportunity to remember what's important every single day: to love yourself. Is that selfishness?

No one knows you as well as you know yourself

Parents, good friends, children, your own partner, colleagues: there are many people who know you. You share experiences with many of them, much of it general, but also personal. Nevertheless, there is no one who knows you, your thoughts and above all your needs as well as you do. You are also the only person who has been and will be by your side since your birth until the very last day. So there is a very good reason to cultivate a lasting relationship with yourself and your innermost being.

Every relationship is work, even the one with yourself

All relationships have one thing in common with flowers: if no one takes care of them, they wither. Plants have the great fortune that Mother Nature takes care of them when people do not. However, she cannot be there for everyone to the same extent. Our needs are too individual and they also change sometimes. So it's a good idea to be your own nature. So you can be for your wellbeing what nature is for the planet and take care of your balance, your equilibrium.

Self-love as the basis for love for others

Prioritising yourself helps to establish and maintain a foundation on which everything else in your life can take a stable footing. You can best be there for others when you yourself are doing well. So this is anything but selfishness. Small moments of pampering help you to relax now and then, but above all it is about acceptance and positivity towards your own being and your further development. Only on a firm foundation do lasting bonds with others develop. You are the foundation.

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