Aninsu-Stand auf der VeggieWorld 2022 in Berlin

Veggie World in Berlin on April 30th. and 05/01/2022

Last weekend the time had come: our first trade fair. After setting up the stand early in the evening on Friday, we arrived at the exhibition center around 9 a.m. on Saturday to make final preparations before the visitors started arriving at 9 a.m. And this is what our booth looked like:

Aninsu stand at VeggieWorld 2022 in Berlin

Soaps to try out were waiting on our counter, along with stickers, detailed product information and vouchers for those interested.

While we had the impression that on the first day of the fair there were primarily people who were enthusiastic about food, on Sunday we had a significantly different audience that was very open to new things like our sustainable soaps. We were able to have many exciting conversations. The feedback from all the lovely people who visited us at our stand was overwhelmingly positive. Without exception, everyone was enthusiastic about our ideas, the presentation and the design of Aninsu and especially the logo explicitly praised a lot. But pretty much everyone shared our views on sustainability and sustainable products. The scent of our Nirvana natural cosmetic soaps was particularly well received: with just one exception, the reaction ranged from "oh, how nice" to "wow"!

We especially remembered a young man who asked us "And what is so special about your soaps?" and an almost slightly mocking undertone, in order to then ask many more critical questions. However, we were well prepared and answered all questions and also provided more information than he probably expected. It made us very proud when he left our stand with a smile and great praise. At that point at the latest, we knew that we were on the right track.

We are very grateful for all the experiences we had at VeggieWorld. Not only was it a great experience in itself, we also learned a lot. And so we would like to thank all visitors and also our stand neighbors in the start-up area: you are all really great people! Thank you for letting us meet you and for giving us the chance to introduce you to Aninsu!

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