Verpackung der Nirvana Körperseife von Aninsu als Schmuckkästchen

Find new purpose for our packaging

What is good should also be kept, cared for and cherished. This applies to many things and also to our packaging. We thought about how our products should be packaged for a long time. However, what gave us the most headaches wasn't the design or anything like that. We always had the following everyday situation in mind: we buy a product, unpack it and the packaging goes straight into the garbage as a matter of course. This notion is as horrible as it is reality. That's why we came up with something different.

Packaging as added value

Of course, you usually buy a product, e.g. B. a soap. And it always comes packaged in some way. But sometimes, let's be honest, we buy a product because the packaging is so beautiful and maybe even inspiring. In any case, it is the case that the product is still the focus of the action and even the most beautiful packaging ends up in the garbage quite quickly, because it otherwise serves no purpose. What a waste!

Our approach is different. Yes, the packaging should of course be attractive, etc. But it can also be useful! Normal folding boxes are unwieldy and impractical. We came up with the idea for a box that, having done its main job (protecting the precious soap), is more than welcome to take on a new function instead of being thrown away. Sustainability can also look like this and there are no limits to the imagination. So that you are as flexible as possible when it comes to recycling, only the upper slipcase is printed and the inner part is monochrome, but not branded. You can redecorate the slipcase as you wish, but you don't necessarily have to worry about the inner workings.

A new jewelry box

You must have seen it in the main image of this post: the boxes are predestined to house small treasures. From jewelry to office supplies to small memorabilia of all kinds, our packaging is happy about everything that you can store for you and with a flick of the wrist you have your small possessions immediately at hand. In addition, the boxes can also be stacked on top of and next to each other, so that a small box can quickly become a cupboard. If you now also decorate this cupboard, then you have something completely unique.

Gift wrapping with a difference

You know that: you want to give away something small, e.g. B. banknotes at a wedding or similar. But when it comes to the packaging of the whole thing, it quickly becomes boring, after all, everyone else has probably long since exhausted the usual types of packaging that are available for this purpose. So how to stand out? Just take one of our boxes for it! Decorate the slipcase as you like and put the money in the inner compartment. It's small enough that the money inside doesn't look lost and there's still enough room for a small folded note (like I used to do at school!) or a few other little things you'd like to give the newlyweds.

A (love) letter for a special person

While we're about to think about handwritten messages. A letter in an envelope, no matter how beautiful and unusual it may be: anyone can do that. A letter in our small box, which you can also enclose something larger, is really rare. And since special people should get special gifts, that sounds like a better idea.

Our children's treasure chests

Do you still remember your favorite marbles that you carefully kept in your childhood? Or little toys you feared losing? Our little boxes can be beautiful caskets for your child for all their little things. They can also be creative and design the slipcase in such a way that they know at a glance which treasures have found a place in which box.

Unlimited possibilities of sustainability

Here we have given just a few examples of how to extend the life of our beautiful boxes. That's so much better than throwing away packaging because it was designed for a single purpose in the first place and is then no longer usable.

The following thought is also nice when you use our boxes as gift packaging: either the recipient keeps them as a souvenir or, and this thought warms our hearts particularly, they too will find a way to reuse the box.

How did you reuse our boxes? Feel free to send us a message , also with pictures. We would be very happy about that!

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