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Dry skin: is moisturising the most important thing?

Dry skin, an everyday problem that can not only cause discomfort but also affect skin health. The question of whether regular moisturising is the ultimate solution raises a debate that goes deeper than the superficial application of moisturisers.

Caring for dry skin is not limited to external moisturising. Various factors can be behind this skin condition, ranging from genetic predisposition to environmental conditions. A one-sided emphasis on moisturisers alone could neglect some aspects.

The complexity of dry skin

It is crucial to understand the complexity of dry skin. Cream alone often only treats the symptoms and not the underlying causes. A weakened lipid barrier, genetic factors and environmental stress can all play a role. Therefore, effective skin care requires a more comprehensive understanding.

Moisturisers: a blessing or a curse?

Moisturisers are undoubtedly an important part of skin care. They moisturise the skin and can provide temporary relief. However, there is a risk that over-reliance on creams can cause the skin to lose its natural ability to moisturise.

Holistic approaches to skin health

A holistic approach to dry skin care could include adjusting diet, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and using skin care products that not only moisturise but also strengthen the skin barrier. In addition, skin care starts with cleansing and this is where overgreased soaps come in handy. It's about tackling the causes and not just treating the symptoms.

Conclusion: moisturising alone is not enough

In the debate about dry skin care, it is clear that moisturising alone is not the final answer. A holistic approach that takes into account the individual needs of the skin could be the key to a sustainable solution. It's time to look at skincare from a new perspective and find the balance between external care and internal health.

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