Kleine Pflanze, die aus einem Münzenhaufen wächst

Do not save money in the wrong place

It is always good to ask yourself what you spend your money on. Not everything we consume is really necessary. Nor does it always have to be. At the same time, however, and especially in today's times, we are increasingly questioning what our consumption looks like and where we can save something if necessary. There is a danger that we start in the wrong place.


It sounds like a no-brainer, but it's not: under no circumstances should we skimp on health-related items. This is not only about medicines, but also about other things that can be beneficial to our health, be it a red light lamp, a cherry stone pillow or products for mental health. Of course, it makes sense to compare offers and choose the best value for money. However, saving at this point should never be a sacrifice. Our health is priceless and therefore every cent is a sensible investment.


It is similar with well-being. Compared to the very serious topic of health, this term may seem a bit like luxury, but this is deceptive. First of all, health and well-being always maintain a symbiotic relationship and therefore one cannot really exist without the other in the long term. Moreover, our well-being also has a serious impact on all other areas of life, from social ties to work. In this respect, it is also not a suitable field for renunciation, but not necessarily for big savings plans either, because the better we feel, the better other things will work for us.


We can also talk about health and well-being in the broadest sense when it comes to our planet. We call our actions in relation to this sustainability. We often forget that this is not primarily for us, but for future human generations and also for every other living being and for the planet itself. It is our home, a place that also has a lot of influence on our health and well-being. In this respect, it is not a good area for large-scale austerity measures, because everything we try to save here (apart from carbon/CO2) will come back to haunt us and our children and grandchildren one day. Honestly, the behaviour of our ancestors is already taking its revenge on us and all the suffering we are experiencing worldwide is almost certainly just the tip of the boomerang that is coming our way. So we should look to limit all the associated impacts and that in turn requires savings in other places.

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