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Nirvana, the name of our soaps

You may have wondered why our Nirvana soaps have this name. There are two reasons.

The meaning of the term Nirvana

Nirvana is a Buddhist term. It stands for breaking out of the eternal cycle of life and thus also of suffering, but also of all subjective behavior in this world.

For us, nirvana means supreme happiness, a state of ultimate freedom beyond the chains of the earthly.

The scent of our Nirvana soaps

Of course we want you to remember this beautiful thought, not only when you read the soap name on the packaging, but whenever possible. For this reason, our Nirvana products smell unusual, sophisticated and inspiring: fruity, floral and woody notes rounded off with a hint of citrus. This fragrance, inspired by Indian incense sticks, is designed to remind you with every hand, face and/or body wash that your personal nirvana is just a touch away.

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