New year, new luck

Have you made any resolutions this year? Buzzword: New Year's resolutions. That's one of those things: some people make new resolutions every year, others just roll their eyes cynically because they don't think they can keep anything up anyway. Why do people make New Year's resolutions?


On the one hand, the beginning of a new year is of course always a farewell. At least to the old year, but also possibly to old problems or even to the old self. A date like January, 1st is of course a nice anchor point and sounds like a reset, a new beginning and a reorientation. In principle, it could also be March, 1st or July, 1st, but the remarkable thing is that it is often easier for us to make changes if we link them to a date that is special for us. It could just as well be our own birthday, a new year of life, so to speak. Or any other date or event that means something to us. This helps us to distinguish the dreamed-of new from the unwanted old. Of course, this is only a formality, but at the same time, formality can also be very helpful in sorting out, tidying up and locating emotions.


Linking a plan to a date, be it resolutions or something else, also gives a temporal orientation. We know when our wish begins to become reality. This is something special for us and we want to emphasise it accordingly, if perhaps only for ourselves. Because just as resolutions are individual and personal, so is their meaning. In this respect, we can safely ignore all the cynics and sceptics who may even make disparaging remarks about our plans. Their attitudes and views ultimately poison primarily their own way of life. We, on the other hand, should stick to our plans as long and as well as we can, because people with plans get ahead and achieve more than haphazard complainers.


The biggest criticism of New Year's resolutions (and often just pure expectation) is that the respective person does not manage to do what he sets out to do, does not follow through or is not even tempted to start implementing his plan. Apart from this purest toxicity, one should not see it so strictly. Even if you take on too much, you will get further than someone who took on nothing at all. Is that really a failure? Actually, it's just the opposite. Every step forward moves us forward. So maybe we can learn something at this point, and that is to direct our expectations so that they don't find themselves at the poles of "nothing" or "maximum result", but at a point somewhere in between that can give us satisfaction even if we haven't achieved the ultimate. Because every more is more than before and that is a success in any case.

New luck

So here we are in the New Year and January is almost over. Nevertheless, we take this opportunity to wish you and all your loved ones every success in whatever you decide to do this year and every year.

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