Zwei Hände halten Schild mit Aufschrift "What now?" hoch.

Now is a good time

Aren't we masters at blaming ourselves for not getting X done, while at the same time putting off that X until next week, next month or just "soon"? Or we remember that we've always wanted to do Y and then resolve to definitely do it next year. Or someone suggests something and we retort, "Well sure, let's do it soon."

It sometimes seems like we are living in yesterday or tomorrow. We analyse what has happened and make plans. In the process, we completely lose sight of what should be the most important thing, the only thing we can really influence: the now.

Looking backwards

Why do we like to look back and deal with things that have already happened? Because we like to judge. Our whole life consists of judgements and in principle that's okay, at least as long as we learn something useful for today. However, it should always be clear: what was, is over. We can no longer change it. And we should be careful not to wallow in nostalgia for too long, because romantic memories can quickly become a distraction from what we can do today.

Looking ahead

Our further path lies ahead of us, not behind us. In this respect, it is of course useful to look at where it will take us. Plans are also great so that we don't stray from our path. However, we should be careful that our plans do not turn into unfulfilled dreams and wishes, because they do not refer to a specific date, but to "later", "soon" and "as soon as possible". Planning ahead only makes sense if you follow the plan and start doing so today. It's not for nothing that they say the future is now.

Looking in the mirror

And with all the glances backwards, forwards and sometimes sideways, let's not forget to look in the mirror: are we happy with our path, our plan, our intention? Because today's well-being is at least as important as tomorrow's. After all, tomorrow our today will be already yesterday.

Or put another way: how do we know if we will be happy tomorrow if we are not today? Our happiness, our well-being should be our priority today, so that we can maintain it, continue to rejoice in it in the future and keep it in good memory when we look at tomorrow's yesterday. Only the happiness of today is the happiness of yesterday and tomorrow.

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