Green Weeks

Green Weeks

Actually, I wanted to stay away from the topic of "Black Friday Sale" as much as possible, after all, it is a byword for overconsumption. But I also have to be honest: Founding Aninsu in the middle of the Corona pandemic from my own savings and consciously doing this without investors was challenging enough. This year, a few days before the launch of the online shop, war broke out and brought an economic crisis upon us all. All raw materials are still getting more expensive and at the same time the willingness to buy is decreasing among the population. I understand both. Nevertheless, I can't help but notice that so far this year has gone worse than planned and hoped for Aninsu, thanks to the overall difficult situation.

Early on after the foundation, I learned that honest, real sustainability can only be realised to a limited extent in the world as it functions today. It is a long road that we have to travel together as a society, economy and politics. For me, this means that I have to compromise between my ideals and what is feasible, even if this often does not feel ideal. However, I always keep in mind that even small steps lead forward and I wish that we had all seen it that way, so we would have already taken millions of steps. But we have not.

This makes it all the more important to defy the multiple crises now, on a political, economic, but also social level. For the moment, this means for Aninsu that we will join in the sale madness this year in order to hopefully close 2022 in such a way that the first year and all the hard work have paid off and we have enough capacity to make 2023 better. Enough ideas are already there and preparations are underway. However, the pace and impact Aninsu can achieve depends on how many great people support us.

And it's not all that bad if we join in the sale madness this year. Below are the reasons why, instead of a week-long "Black Friday Sale", we prefer to talk about "Green Weeks" until 30.11.:

✔ When someone shops at Aninsu, the person buys less from non-sustainable or less sustainable shops.
✔ Aninsu products are more sustainable than conventional options.
✔ Aninsu is more transparent, honest and sincere than other companies.
✔ Every purchase from Aninsu pays into our sustainability efforts.
✔ Every Aninsu product is an investment in our vision to offer a truly sustainable option for all products around our well-being.
✔ Now is a great time to give Aninsu products as a gift.
✔ Our products make great gifts even for those who "don't want anything" or "already have everything".

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and all our other customers for your support up to this point and in the future. I may have started this company, but you are actually Aninsu.

Kind regards
Alex, founder of Aninsu

P. S.: Our Green Weeks run until 30/11/2022 and you save up to 50%. The discount is quite high and we don't generate any profit with it for the time being, but we see it as an investment in new customers. But also every loyal customer is invited, because this is a good opportunity to get gifts for your loved ones and this is also an investment in Aninsu, in you and in our common future.

Green Weeks: up to 50% off

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