Schriftzug "Happy new year" auf grünem Hintergrund mit festlicher Dekoration

Recommended focus: calm and relaxed into the new year

The year is drawing to a close, and while many look forward to the festive atmosphere of New Year's Eve, the celebration often brings with it stress and a hectic pace. But there are ways to start the new year in a calm and relaxed manner.

New Year's Eve: between anticipation and stress

The turn of the year is traditionally a time of celebration and anticipation of what is to come. But all too often, New Year's Eve celebrations are overshadowed by hectic preparations, the pressure to make special plans and the stress of organising the perfect party.

Why a relaxed start is important

A relaxed start to the New Year is not only enjoyable, but also recommended for personal well-being. Stress can not only diminish the joy of the festive moments, but can also have a negative impact on mental and physical health.

The danger of perfectionism

The desire for a perfect New Year's Eve can lead to excessive stress. Striving for flawless decorations, an opulent menu and spectacular plans for the night sets high expectations that are often difficult to fulfil.

Avoiding stress through conscious planning

Conscious planning can help to avoid stress. Instead of being led by exaggerated expectations, it is advisable to set realistic goals. This could mean organising an intimate celebration with close friends or simply taking the pressure off by not organising a big party.

Mindfulness to combat New Year's Eve stress

Mindfulness practices can be effective tools for managing New Year's Eve stress. Consciously savouring the present moments, whether preparing a simple dinner or watching the fireworks, can help to reduce stress.

Self-care as the key to a serene start

Self-care plays a key role in a relaxed New Year's Eve. A warm bath with fragrant oils or the use of a nourishing soap can help to promote physical relaxation and enable a serene start to the new year.

Conclusion: start the new year calmly

New Year's Eve should not be characterised by stress and perfectionism, but rather a time of joy and optimism. It is therefore advisable to focus on starting the new year in a calm and relaxed manner in order to lay the foundations for positive experiences and adventures in the coming year.

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