Tu heute etwas - Time for Climate Action

Earth Day 2022

Every year on April 22, over 175 countries celebrate Earth Day, also known internationally as Earth Day. This day of action was celebrated for the first time in 1970 in the USA and over 20 million people took part in various actions. The basic idea has always been to remember the concerns of the environment, to get involved, but also to appreciate our planet as our only possible living space. You can find more information on the German page for Earth Day .

April 22, 2022 is the first Earth Day for Aninsu and we didn't hesitate for a second. It was perfectly clear to us that we also wanted to do something. So we set out to do two things:

  1. Raising awareness and pointing to Earth Day and
  2. do something tangible to protect the environment.

Time for Climate Action

To generate enough awareness for this year's Earth Day, we have joined over 400 other companies in the Time for Climate Action initiative and are proud to be part of the corresponding campaign. Together we communicate the idea for this campaign. You can watch the campaign video below.


Join us!

On the campaign page you can find out how you can contribute to climate protection yourself within 5 minutes. Because sustainability can be as easy as brushing your teeth. ;-)

To the campaign page


We're participating too!

Our second goal was to do something ourselves, true to the motto "action speaks louder than words". So we support the non-profit startup Klimawiese as a partner by acquiring 500 shares worth €500 in their project Zukunftswiese Lebens(t)raum . The aim is to create a new meadow orchard that is as large as possible in Germany. You too can take part: each share costs 1 €. This is also a great gift for any nature lover!

To Klimawiese


And now?

Earth Day is only one day a year. In fact, we have to do something every day. Nonetheless, it is important to take every opportunity to raise awareness of the needs and concerns of our planet. So, if you can't get started today, you're welcome to do so tomorrow. We are always by your side! 💚

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