Pfad durch Landschaft mit Sträuchern

The way to a good conscience

Aninsu was deliberately founded on values ​​such as simplicity, beauty and sustainability. When I started developing this brand and started looking for the right products and partners, I quickly came to the realization that the reality is unfortunately too often exactly the opposite: complex, unbearably ugly and mostly purely profit-driven without sincere vision of the future. And the worst part is actually that, by and large, this isn't really a surprise to any of us. We all at least suspected that. And yet it's frustrating to see how right we are.

From this situation I saw two paths: head in the sand or accept the status quo and start doing something. I have refused to give up despite multiple depressing experiences, disappointing setbacks and unforeseen challenges. To be honest, I came close several times, but I also learned something:

A) Everything we humans do has consequences for the planet.

B) We cannot exist without affecting our environment.

C) But we can (and must!) learn to minimize negative effects, strengthen positive ones and above all find ways to convert negative effects into positive ones or to replace them with such.

Admittedly, this is neither new nor original. I am sure that many people before me had these insights. But then where are all the great achievements based on it? I don't know the answer to that.

And how am I supposed to have a good conscience with this knowledge? I found an answer for myself and maybe it will help you:

My compass towards a clear conscience is the insight that there is no alternative to sustainable action. My first step is to create a basis for action with Aninsu and my path will be to work every day to change every small and big unsustainable action and behavior. It's not going to be a walk, it's going to be a marathon and I don't know if I'll ever cross the finish line. Maybe there are none at all and the way is the goal. In the end it doesn't matter, because there is no other way.

This is exactly what is meant when Aninsu says: it's time for a good conscience. :)

Alexander Petrov
Founder of Aninsu

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