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Feeling well utilised and overwhelmingness are not the same

There is a crucial difference between feeling well utilised and overwhelmingness that can affect our well-being and health. In this article, we take a closer look at the meaning and effects of both phenomena and give valuable tips on how to find a balanced state.

Feeling well utilised: the healthy balance

The term "feeling well utilised" describes the state in which we are busy and active, but find a comfortable balance between challenge and coping ability. In such moments, we feel productive, motivated and fulfilled because we can effectively use our skills to accomplish the tasks at hand. Optimal workload can have positive effects on our self-esteem and satisfaction, as we feel we are using our time and energy wisely.

Overwhelmingness: when the limits are exceeded

Overwhelmingness, on the other hand, occurs when the demands of our daily lives exceed our ability to cope. It causes us to feel stressed and drained. This kind of overload can be both physical and psychological and is often the result of too many commitments, time pressure or unresolved issues. When we feel overloaded, our performance, health and relationships can suffer.

The importance of self-reflection

In order to recognise whether we are in a state of exhaustion, it is important to regularly take time for self-reflection. Honest introspection helps us to recognise our own limits and to understand which activities enrich us and which strain us. It is helpful to pay attention to physical and emotional signals that our body and mind are sending us.

Strategies for a balanced state

If we find that we are often feeling overwhelmed, it is advisable to develop strategies to restore a balanced state. This includes, for example, prioritising tasks and setting clear boundaries to create time for rest and relaxation. It is important to take our needs seriously and to treat ourselves with compassion.

The importance of self-care

In our performance-driven society, many people tend to neglect themselves. But self-care is crucial to finding a balance between being busy and being over-busy. It is important to consciously take time for ourselves, to relax sufficiently and to occupy ourselves with things that bring us joy and recharge our batteries.

Conclusion: the path to balance

Feeling well utilised and overwhelmingness are not the same thing and yet they are two sides of the same coin. By consciously looking at our own needs and practising self-reflection, we can recognise whether we are in a state of good utilisation or whether we may feel overwhelmed. It is important to develop strategies for coping with overload and to recognise the importance of self-care. Ultimately, by consciously dealing with our daily challenges, we can find a balance and live a fulfilled life.

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